Scott Stamnes series
(Proceeds to benefit the Scott Stamnes Give to Kids Fund.)


Worship skateboards is very pleased to be able to offer you this series dedicated to Scott.  A special word of thanks goes out to Joe Baker whose vision has never wavered in his efforts to keep Scott alive in our hearts. Also, many thanks to the Volcom Stone for burning Scott's image into the hearts and minds of a generation through their Freedom Wig video.  A proceed from every sale of this series will be donated to the Scott Stamnes give to kids fund.   Thank you.


Any decks you see here are the very last of the series from when it was issued in 2008. 
As Joe and I are releasing the hats, I've been diggin around our tiny warehouse looking in all the boxes and finding just a few of these decks. 
I'll keep adding them as they appear over the next few weeks.  thank you.
ATTN: I found a few of the Headbanging Hare and the Reunion 1 decks are sitting as heat transfers at the woodshop.  So we can get these made by december but not sooner do to other projects in the works.  So there are 12 of each of these...so if you prebook one now you will get it in the mail sometime before christmas.  We are at the mercy of the woodshop and they not only make boards for us but some major companies.  Since we prepare deck designs months in advance this is not necessarily a  long wait on our end, but you would never normally be aware.  If you choose to get one, thank you for your patience.  jeff 

"Reunion 1" from the St. Stamnes series by Joeb


"Reunion 2" from the St. Stamnes series by Joeb


"Orca Ascension of the Skateboard Saint" from the St. Stamnes series by Joeb


"St. Stamnes Serenades the Headbanging Hares" from the St. Stamnes series by Joeb


"Hooked" from the St. Stamnes series by Joeb 


Collectors set of 2 decks..."The Reunion"