Artist series - Andres Chaparro

“Works of Andres Chaparro bear a remarkable insight into a cultural phenom from 1950's and 60's Expressionist traditions. The phenom, which grew out of historical revelations called Afro-Latino, date back centuries untold yet define his artistic and cultural qualities today. These powerful roots spring-forth across Andres canvas like musical notes of color and theme. From deep within a strong spiritual inner nature Andres Jazz music themes and expressive Liberada Color Schemes inspire audiences with visions of worlds unseen while exploding in his presentation.  It is obvious Andres Chaparro will continue to tell a rhythmic cultural story as this new century unfolds. His art will always be contemporary.”
(Note: Liberada Color Schemes Red, Black, & Green represent world-wide liberation color used in many Third World Liberation Movements)
Walter Allen Bailey
Detroit, Michigan

"Albert Ayler"  from the artist series by A. Chaparro


"Lion Bear"  from the artist series by A. Chaparro


"Thelonious Monk"  from the artist series by A. Chaparro



Collectors set of all three



To see more of Andres' work feel free to visit his website by clicking here or visit his Facebook by clicking the image above.